A stainless steel (304) 24" diameter column with 38 ballast valve trays. Included is a 4000 gallon kettle which allows either batch or continuous operation. The operating pressure range is atmospheric to 28" of vacuum.

A 40" diameter 304 stainless steel column with 40 bubble cap trays. This system has the same setup as Group I.

A 5700 gallon s.s. kettle with a 24" diameter X 40' tall s.s. packed column. The overhead condenser system is equipped for both cooling water or refrigerated water. This system is capable of vacuum operation and multiple feed points, and can perform reactions such as (but not limited to): esterification, hydrolysis, difficult separations, and alkylations.

A carbon steel "liquid phase" molecular sieve drier. The water removal rate is 2000 pounds per day.

A carbon steel "vapor phase" molecular sieve drier. The water removal rate is 4000 pounds per day. The unit has two 18 inch diameter packed beds and a distillation column that also serves as the vaporizer.

Two boilers with a combined capacity of 12,000 pounds per hour of 150 psig saturated steam, two cooling towers, a 1000 gallon liquid nitrogen vaporizer system and a 120 ton refrigeration unit.

Six miscellaneous carbon beds, 2-18 inch diameter & 5 feet tall stainless steel cartridge filters, and numerous stainless steel bag filters.

Seventy carbon steel atmospheric storage tanks and four 10,000 gallon and one 15,000 gallon s.s. tanks. The size ranges from 3,000 to 250,000 gallons with a combined capacity of 1,300,000 gallons.

Truck and barge systems are available. A certified truck scale is on site. A rail system is on site but requires major overhauling.

Ethyl alcohol
Tert-butyl alcohol
Isopropyl alcohol
Miscellaneous alkanes
Specialty solvents
Phosphite chemicals
Low boiling amines
Ethylene and propylene glycol
Miscellaneous chemicals with boiling points below 450°F